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URGENT: Call to Action on School Employee Pension Attack

14 Jun 2017 | Under News | Posted by | 0 Comments

It’s crunch time. Take action TODAY to stop lawmakers from dismantling retirement security for school employees – Call, write or email your representative and senator immediately. [www.mea.org/pension] If you’re out of school, come to Lansing tomorrow (Thursday) and join the fight in person.

Late yesterday, new pension legislation was introduced based on a backroom deal reached  between Gov. Snyder, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, and Speaker of the House Tom Leonard.

Despite a lack of publicly available information about the deal, committees in the House and Senate rushed to hold early morning hearings today – and soon after voted the bills out for floor action. Republican leaders want to ram the bills through without considering the consequences.

This complicated new legislation would increase financial risk for new hires without doing anything to improve the funding and stability of the current retirement system.  It is a plan designed to fail, which would cost students, schools and taxpayers billions down the line. (For more, check out MEA and AFT Michigan’s press statement from yesterday.)


Please call your State Representative and Senator IMMEDIATELY – urge them to oppose this complicated new retirement legislation and urge their colleagues to slow down and carefully consider what this would mean for students, school employees, and the state.  You can call the numbers below to be automatically connected to the offices:

  • State Representatives: 866-834-6910
  • State Senators: 855-721-3304
  • If you’d like to send an email, you can do so using our Action Network page.

If you want to join the in-person lobbying in Lansing on Thursday, plan to attend a briefing at 8:30 a.m. at MEA headquarters, 1350 Kendale Blvd., in East Lansing. We’ll have teams of members at the Capitol when session begins to discuss the legislation with their representatives and deliver hand-written notes to legislative offices.


1) This is NOT a protest…we have undecided votes that we can sway to our side if we do so in a civil and constructive manner.

2) If school is NOT out in your district, please DO NOT attend – your missing school to be here would be counterproductive with lawmakers.  It’s likely, if we’re successful tomorrow, that we’ll still need additional help in Lansing next week when more schools are out.

3) We’ll be providing a stipend based on distance traveled to help with transportation costs and will be providing breakfast and lunch.  Those details will be shared at the 8:30a briefing.

Please RSVP to dpratt@mea.org if you can attend tomorrow.


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